Belmont Emeralds Shines at the 7th Edition of the Biannual Gemstone Tender in Bangkok - Belmont Sparkle

Belmont Emeralds Shines at the 7th Edition of the Biannual Gemstone Tender in Bangkok

In the vibrant landscape of the gemstone industry, the gemstone tender stands as a pivotal event, orchestrating the flow of precious stones from miners to the global market. As we prepare for our return to the grand stage of the 7th Edition of the Biannual Gemstone Tender organized by Bonas Group in Bangkok on April 17th, 2024, Belmont Sparkle invites you to join us in celebrating the beauty and value of ethically sourced emerald gems.

The Essence of the Gemstone Tender

A gemstone tender is more than just an event; it's the heartbeat of the gem industry. It's where rough and polished gemstones meet the discerning eyes of the industry's elite—high-profile dealers, jewelers, and experts from around the world. This process, akin to a sophisticated dance, involves sealed bids, fostering a competitive yet fair environment for pricing these precious stones.

The significance of such events extends beyond mere transactions. They serve as a benchmark for gemstone prices, offer direct access to gems eliminating intermediaries, and provide a platform for industry networking and the promotion of ethical mining practices.

Belmont Emeralds at the Biannual Tender

As we gear up for our showcase at the 7th Edition of the Biannual Gemstone Tender, we reflect on the successful engagement from our last tender. It was an enlightening experience, offering attendees a glimpse into the world of genuine, high-quality emerald stones, directly from our environmentally conscious Belmont Mine in Brazil.

This year, we're excited to offer U.S. clients the opportunity to also access our best quality emerald gems directly at our website, This initiative ensures that our exquisite emeralds are more accessible than ever, providing you with the best value and the assurance of ethical sourcing. 

Featured Product: The 2.08 CT Cushion Cut Emerald Stone

In celebration of our participation in the upcoming tender, we're proud to feature the 2.08 CT Cushion Cut Emerald Stone. This breathtaking gemstone, measuring 8mm and weighing 2.08 carats, is a testament to the unparalleled beauty and quality that Belmont Sparkle stands for. Sourced directly from our Belmont Mine, this cushion-cut emerald is enhanced with natural oils to showcase its vibrant green color, offering a piece of timeless elegance and luxury.

Discover the 2.08 CT Cushion Cut Emerald


Why Choose Belmont Sparkle?

Belmont Sparkle is synonymous with elegance, ethical sourcing, and guaranteed best value. Our direct mine-to-you approach ensures that you receive the finest emerald gems at the most competitive prices. As we present our exquisite collection at the Biannual Gemstone Tender, we invite you to explore the unique beauty and value of Belmont emeralds.


The gemstone tender is not just an event; it's a celebration of the gemstone industry's richness and diversity. Belmont Sparkle's participation in the 7th Edition of the Biannual Gemstone Tender in Bangkok underscores our commitment to bringing the finest emeralds directly to our clients. We look forward to sharing our passion for these green treasures with you and invite you to experience the elegance and luxury of Belmont Sparkle emeralds.

Join us in this journey of beauty and discovery at the Biannual Gemstone Tender and explore our collection of emerald rings, engagement rings, and jewelry. Let Belmont Sparkle illuminate your world with the timeless allure of emerald gems.

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