Belmont Sparkle was founded by Belmont, a mining company that has been committed to environmental preservation since the first emerald discovery on their cherished family farm in 1978. The Belmont property holds a special place in the family's hearts as it is not only where many of their ancestors were born and raised but also a place where the family still gathers today. Thus, Belmont has always operated with the future generations in mind, striving to preserve the land. For this reason, the principles of sustainability have been deeply embedded in the company's culture since its very foundation and have played a vital role in shaping the way the company operates today.


The most widespread definition of a sustainable activity is that it must meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the needs of future generations. This concept presents one of the basic principles of sustainability: the long-term vision, the scenarios projected for future generations considering the intersection of social, environmental, and economic perspectives.


The Belmont company has grown over the years to become internationally recognized not only by exceptional emeralds but also by its pioneering work in sustainable mining. The company supports and runs several programs to promote environmental education and the social development of its community.

Belmont has its own reforestation team led by an environmental engineer that maintains a nursery to raise native trees for reforestation. Approximately 3,700 acres of Atlantic Rain Forest is protected by the company to preserve the local wildlife, 100% of the water used is treated, 99% of its labor force is local, 75% of its lapidary are women and the company spends over 400 hours each year in training its professionals.

At Belmont mine, sustainability is a core principle that guides both the open pit and underground mining processes. The company takes pride in implementing the latest technologies to develop more efficient production systems and processes, which not only leads to better operations but also promotes superior environmental preservation.

Belmont integrates all departments involved in the mining process, from exploration to the polishing of its emeralds, with a focus on socio environmental variables at every stage of the chain. By doing so, the company promotes sustainability in its daily activities and ensures that all stakeholders including the local community, are considered and benefit from its operations.


Belmont mine is committed to sustainability and is constantly investing in solutions to minimize its environmental impact. These efforts include reducing the volume of material removed from the mine, minimizing tailings deposits, and optimizing water consumption. The company also invests in research and new processes to increase the recovery of ore while exploring new alternatives, such as the reuse of materials.

To ensure a responsible activity, the Belmont mine adopts strict monitoring parameters throughout the production process to address pollution risks associated with noise, liquid and atmospheric effluents, transient deposits, disposal, or treatment of residues of industrial origin, and geotechnical risks. This guarantees appropriate mitigating measures are taken to prevent any negative environmental impacts.

Every relevant vegetation removal in the mining process requires authorization from a competent government body, and suppression only occurs gradually with the proper authorization, allowing timely displacement of flora and fauna. Belmont mine's vegetation removal approach is conscientious and carried out by qualified professionals to preserve the surrounding vegetation by collecting seeds from their place of origin and replanting them in ecologically similar areas.

Belmont's initiatives clearly illustrate its dedication to responsible environmental practices, the preservation of the local ecosystem, and a more sustainable future.

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Belmont Sparkle, born out of Belmont, shares the same core values of sustainability as its parent brand. As a jewelry brand, we are dedicated to creating stunning emerald designs that showcase the beauty and rarity of Belmont's responsibly sourced emeralds, while maintaining a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices throughout the entire supply chain.

Our customers can wear our jewelry with confidence, knowing that we remain unwavering in our commitment to ethical values. Our jewelry is manufactured at a RJC certified renowned factory ensuring all practices followed during production are in alignment with our pledge to sustainability. The factory is well established and notable for its advanced assembly line.

To further our commitment towards the environment, all Belmont Sparkle jewelry is crafted in recycled metal sourced from within the United States. Our diamonds are carefully sourced to complement the beauty of our emeralds, ensuring that each piece radiates with exceptional brilliance. This sourcing process ensures each part of the product cycle contributing to making the bespoke pieces you love does not compromise on ethics and minimizes the harm on the environment.

Each piece is designed in New York by our skillful team, emeralds are then shipped to India and each design is handcrafted to perfectly complement the precious stones and then returned to New York to be packed elegantly and ship to our esteemed customers.

At Belmont Sparkle we strive
for excellence and craftsmanship
Reflecting our values in every piece of jewelry we create.
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