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The Truth Behind the High Emerald Prices

In this blog post, we uncover the reasons behind the high prices of gemstone jewelry and explain how Belmont Sparkle, a direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand from Belmont Emeralds Mine, is disrupting the industry supply chain. By offering a Mine-to-Market model, Belmont Sparkle eliminates the middlemen, ensuring better value, ethical sourcing, and sustainability. Learn why buying emerald jewelry from Belmont Sparkle is a smart choice for consumers.

Belmont Emeralds Shines at the 7th Edition of the Biannual Gemstone Tender in Bangkok

Belmont Emeralds proudly announces its presence at the 7th Edition of the Biannual Gemstone Tender in Bangkok, offering a unique opportunity for clients to access premium emerald gems directly from the source. Highlighting the importance of the gemstone tender in setting industry benchmarks and fostering direct access to ethically sourced emeralds, this blog post revisits our experiences from the last tender and introduces our featured product: the mesmerizing 2.08 CT Cushion Cut Emerald from our renowned Belmont Mine.

Emeralds After Valentine's: Celebrating Self-Love with Direct-from-Mine Luxury

In the wake of Valentine's Day, the appeal of self-love and self-gifting continues to shine with Belmont Sparkle's direct-from-mine emeralds. This blog post delves into the timeless elegance, ethical sourcing, and exceptional value of choosing Belmont Sparkle for your emerald jewelry needs.